Visual Studio Code An integrated software development environment designed to design and create web-based, cloud-based applications and applications. The simple yet functional tools of this program are similar to Visual Studio in terms of functionality, but they have more up-to-date and comprehensive features, and this program offers a set of practical tools in a modern and efficient user environment. One of the remarkable features of this program is the Git control capabilities that facilitate the process of testing, building, and even developing different types of software. Using this program, the user can create several different designs and save them in their project and configure them quickly and easily.

Visual Studio Code 1.61.2 Win  Mac  Linux Edit programming languages Free Download

Other features of Visual Studio Code include the ability to use sample snippets as well as the ability to create and save fragments or pieces of code by the user. This program has the ability to create project output as a text file and more important than various programming languages such as C #, C ++, Closer, F #, HTML, JSON, Lua, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, Visual Basic, XML And supports some other languages ​​as well as development in Node.js and ASP.NET environments.

Titles: Free Visual Studio Code 1.61.2 Win / Mac / Linux Edit programming languages Full version Download for lifetime 2021
Filename: Visual Studio Code 1.61.2.rar/zip/deb
File size: 75 MB (win), 104 MB (macOS), 77.1 MB (Linux)
Version: 1.61.2
Languages: Multiple Languages
Date added: OCT 20, 2021
License: Free
Operating Win / Mac / Linux (All Versions)
Working for 3D CAD Tools
CPU: 4.00 GHz Intel+ or higher processor cores.
Memory: 4 GB Minimum
Requirements: Multiple CPUs Or Multi-Core CPUs are Recommended
Free Space: 2 GB available

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