Efficient Password Manager Pro Full Crack

Efficient Password Manager Pro 5.60 Crack is a cross-platform and unique password management package. It can not only help you remember generic passwords but also record website login passwords, software registration codes, e-mail account passwords, etc. A random password generator is integrated. With Efficient Password Manager Pro, you only need to remember one password.Efficient Password Manager

Efficient Password Manager Pro Full Crack Common phrases and names are not suitable for a password. In addition, each account or account must have a separate password for itself that is not stored anywhere on your computer. You no longer need to memorize a password or keep typing it; when you register for this professional program, your passwords automatically arrive in places where you need it, and you have a secure password that you must keep. And do the rest of the work with Efficient Password Manager Pro 5.50 Key, So you only need one primary password.


The passwords generated by this tool are normally safer. Your private data is fully protected – the main login password is encrypted by the immutable SHA algorithm. While the password information itself is encrypted by 256-bit AES algorithm. The encryption strength of which is among the highest in the world. Our password keeper also offers many special features such as password management in a hierarchical grouping. Adding attachments to password entry, setting record importance, displaying a record list in card view. The interface of the password software looks fashionable and cute. It has up to 8 interface styles of different tones of color for you to choose from. With Efficient Password Manager.


Efficient Password Manager Pro Patch key Features :

  • The customizable password generator can let you specify the desired length and character types of the password.
  • You Only Need to Remember One Password from now on.
  • Eight interface styles are provided to meet your individual needs.
  • They have various tones of color like blue, green or metallic, and have Vista standard and XP standard windows appearances separately.
  • Perfect Security System: Password Protection & Recycle bin & Backup and Restore.
  • Easy to Sync Data across PCs and Mobile Phones.
  • Efficient Password Manager has embedded a powerful document editor similar to MS-Word, which can be used to write your comments for passwords.
  • Efficient Password Manager Pro Keys has full-text search capabilities.
  • There is a Recycle Bin in this password software.
  • You do not need to be worried that you may delete some valuable information by mistake.
  • The functions of Backup and Restore can help you conveniently save and migrate data.
  • Your private information is adequately protected.
  • Friendly User Interface.
  • Password Generator Helps You Create Random Passwords.
  • Group Management.
  • 256-bit AES algorithm encrypts password information itself.

What’s New in Efficient Password Manager Pro 5.60 Build 553?

  • Total Work, Actual Work, Mileage, Billing Information, Company.
  • Completion Date is added to the editing window of Task.
  • Total work hours per day, total work hours per week.
  • (Network version) The field of Creator is added to the Record list.
  • (Network version) The new field of Creator is added to the Detail list.
  • Bug fixed: New changes may not be saved for some fields if you directly change in the record list.
  • Other improvements are made and bugs are fixed.

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